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Texas Oil Field Accident Attorneys
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There is no doubt that the oil industry in Texas is on an upwards trajectory. More and more companies are establishing their businesses in or moving into the State. This has led to an increase in the number of people needed to take roles in the oil and gas industry. This is – for the most part – good news, but it means that the number of Texas oil field accidents is on the increase too. This means that the need for Texas oil field accident attorneys is on the increase too.

If you or someone you know works in a Texas oil field, then you know what a hazardous environment it can be. If you have been involved in an incident that was not your fault and you have suffered physically or financially in any way, then you may need the services of Texas oil field accident lawyers, like those available at the Lettunich Law Firm.

Seeking Damages? Then Texas Oil Field Injury Attorneys Are Here to Help You

If you work in a Texas oil field then you will understand that you work with materials that can be unpredictable, and therefore have the potential to be dangerous. Accidents do happen, and while some are largely unavoidable, an alarming number of them are caused by corners being cut, and proper safety procedures not being in place. For many companies, it is an unfortunate truth that they place revenue above the safety of their employees.

Therefore, if either you or someone you know has been injured or has suffered any type of loss because of an oil field accident in Texas that was not their fault or where negligence can be proven, then the services of Texas oil field injury lawyers like Lettunich Law Firm will be required. In such cases the injured party has the clear right to damages and compensation, but the neglectful party will often try and find a way of proving that they were not to blame and that they are not liable for damages. If you want to give yourself the best chance of gaining the compensation that you deserve, get in contact with a Texas oil field accident law like the Lettunich Law Firm today.

Gaining Aid Through Texas Oil Field Accident Attorneys Will Get You the Compensation You Deserve

There are several ways you can help your case for damages before you even consider contacting Texas oil field accident attorneys. Any type of injury will need to be treated, even if you feel fine or you believe it's just a matter of resting before you return to work. If even the slightest doubt exists, then you will need to seek medical attention, and collect all of your medical records as treatment progresses.

You will also need to gather as much information and evidence about the incident as you can. Any competent attorney will be able to help you in this matter. Once that is done you will need to make an official report of the incident and then file an official legal claim with your insurance company.

It is then that you will need to contact Texas oil field accident lawyers – your normal attorney will not be able to pursue your claim as successfully as a law firm that specializes in oil field accident cases. Your attorney team will handle the completion of your case including the filing of a lawsuit, the hearing and depositions and a trial if necessary.

Don't Be Put Off by the Process – Texas Oil Field Accident Lawyers Are Here to Serve You!

It may take a while, but that's because law is a very complex process and the lawyers of the company you are litigating against will typically use delaying tackles in order to pressure you into accepting damages that are much less than what you actually deserve. With a team of Texas oil field attorneys on your side you are much more likely to experience a successful outcome than if you try self-representation, or a non-specialty attorney.

You have nothing to lose with the Lettunich Law Firm as your first consultation will not cost you one cent. Indeed, it is likely that you will not lose anything by using us, as all our fees will be paid as part of the settlement. Contact Lettunich Law Firm now at 915-545-2529, or use the online contact form here.

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