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When Surgery is Required After a Dog Bite

Posted by Martin Rocha | Nov 01, 2016 | 0 Comments

In cases where a dog bite causes serious injuries, it is imperative to contact a dog bite attorney. Many canine attacks can cause permanent disfigurement and serious damage to victims.  If a dog attacked you, you may require extensive surgery. Sometimes, you have to undergo plastic surgery to try to reduce scarring and visible after-effects of the canine attack.  The costs of treatment is very expensive. Furthermore, the mental anguish might be extensive. However, a dog bite attorney can help victims to get compensation.

Pursuing a Dog Bite Claim if Surgery is Needed

A dog bite can happen for a number of reasons. At times, the dog owner might be negligent. The law usually holds the dog owner accountable for caused losses after a dog bite incident. This includes the payment of medical treatment. For victims of a bite in or around El Paso, the costs of surgical treatment and other types of after-care can be very expensive following a dog attack. A dog bite attorney helps victims to assess the extent of damage caused by the bite. If you will require ongoing future care after you resolve a dog bite claim we can also help you to find experts who will attest to expected future costs.  You can then pursue a claim in or out of court to get the money you need to cover medical expenditures.  

Other Losses From Serious Dog Bites

If a dog attack is serious enough to cause the need for surgery, you are likely going to have other lingering after-effects of the bite as well. You may experience post-traumatic stress, anxiety, or other mental consequences from the unfortunate incident. The ordeal will also likely cause great pain following the attack and the resulting surgery. The law should compensate you for non-economic losses, including mental anguish. A dog bite attorney helps you to fight to get the dog's owner to pay your damages.

Call a Dog Bite Attorney Today

Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law is a skilled dog bite attorney who can provide you with the services you need after a bite leads to surgery. We work with the insurer of the dog's owner to try to get you compensation outside of court. We can also help you to take your case to trial if necessary so the law can compensate you fairly. Please give us a call today to find out more about how we help victims in and around El Paso.

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