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Staying Healthy After Dealing With Work Disability

Posted by Martin Rocha | Jan 29, 2016 | 0 Comments

Nobody likes to get injured at work. It comes with an onslaught of problems and difficulties that nobody wants to put on themselves and their families. And yet, these situations happen and they can completely transform people's lives short term and long term. If you find yourself facing a workplace injury, know that you're not alone and millions of workers across the nation are dealing with similar situations and coping in their own way.

Right After My Accident

Every year in Texas there are millions of workplace injuries reported across all sectors and industries. There are at least 200,000 new Workers Compensation cases filed each year in the state. The important things to note right after your injury are as follows:

  • Report the injury immediately and document it. Sometimes an injury might not seem serious immediately or workers might feel embarrassed or intimidated into not reporting it. This is the wrong approach. The injury should be reported and should be carefully documented to create a reliable record of the occurred.
  • Visit a doctor. Ask your employer that you would like to see a doctor or visit one out of your own accord if necessary. Seeing a doctor immediately after the fact will eliminate questions about the actual cause or severity of the injury.
  • Know your plan ahead of time. It's important to know what kind of insurance your employer has or whether they have Workman's Compensation in place. Filing a claim immediately will help the reliability of your claim.
  • Take photos. If you suffered a bad injury or wound that can be photographed, it never hurts to have photographic evidence of the injury as part of the documentation.

Find an Attorney

Dealing with an injury and trying to navigate the legal system can be overwhelming and downright impossible when you add a difficult injury to the mix. The right attorney will advise you on the type of paperwork you must fill out, the accompanying documents, hospital or doctor records, the process, the legalities, and everything else necessary to deal with employers and their policies.

Dealing With Stress

The hardest part of most workplace injury is the uncertainty that comes following the injury. This, of course, depends on the severity and nature of the injury but a bulging disk in the spine, or knee injury that requires surgery, or major shoulder damage, for example, can really change someone's day to day life from one day to the next. These are injuries that render most workers unable to perform their job duties and require major procedures, recovery, rehabilitation, and often physical therapy. This takes a toll emotionally and financially. Here are a few words of advice to keep your head high after a debilitating change.

Stay calm and positive. This might sound so basic that it almost feels insulting but it's incredibly important to know that whatever legal process you have to go through will be time-consuming and will likely not resolve immediately. It's also important to consider that whatever your injury, your chances of recovery are high with the right treatment and that you are not alone.

Talk with your family. This is not only a difficult to reality to contend with for you but for your family as well. Many workers will shut down and isolate themselves, leaving their families out of the picture. This is a time where communication with you and your family is not only important but imperative to your recovery.

Follow doctors orders and stay healthy. During the days of uncertainty or while you are receiving disability, make sure to follow doctors orders and stay healthy. Eat a good and nutritious diet, exercise if possible or within your limits. Many injured workers will neglect their health and fall into a depression, which can only exacerbate personal and family stress.

Talk with a therapist. Injured workers that go on disability will often have trouble coping with the idea of no longer be able to perform their job. It affects a person's sense of purpose of the reward system and can cause issues with depression and anxiety. Talking with a professional can help you sort it out in your own mind and learn to better deal with your immediate reality.

Choose the Right Attorney to Guide You

Here at the Lettunich Law Firm, we help people struggling with a disability receive disability benefits in accordance to their needs. The law is complicated and you shouldn't shy away from receiving what is necessary for you to continue with your life. Whether it was a workplace injury or other type of injury you might quality to receive some assistance. Call us today and we can advise you on your situation.

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