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Probate Law

El Paso Probate Attorney

Experiencing the tragic loss of a loved one is not only a deeply emotional matter but oftentimes, also a legal matter; especially when there are wills and trusts involved. In order to work through these legal matters that linger, you'll need to find a probate lawyer in El Paso who can effectively handle your case.

Having reputable probate representation in the court system as you sort through sensitive matters can help you and your family experience some peace of mind during a time of grief. When a will has been previously established by the decedent, then the legality of distributing property and other assets to beneficiaries becomes easier to navigate through.

Unfortunately, in a time of death, family members can become divided in a mixture of emotion and disagreement over the distribution of assets, which is why a probate lawyer can help by legally mediating the situation with regards to family and loved ones.

Dealing with probate law in El Paso can sometimes become complicated when you have various factors involved such as unpaid debts, paying off taxes, appraising property value, and real estate division. In many cases, specific probate matters need to be verified for authenticity. Your probate lawyer can also accurately verify that all possessions are under correct names, if there are name changes involved and file the necessary paperwork for the proper execution of each phase of the process.

Because death can happen unexpectedly at any point in time, it is always wise to discuss your options for wills and trusts beforehand with a reputable lawyer, such as the Brandon L. Lettunich. Call the Law Office of Brandon L. Lettunich today at (915) 545-2529 to schedule an appointment.

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