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18-Wheeler Accidents: What To Do To Prevent Them

Posted by Martin Rocha | Jul 01, 2016 | 0 Comments

18-wheeler accidents can cause devastating injuries to victims involved in the collisions. Often, it is incumbent upon truck drivers to prevent big rig accidents from occurring within the El Paso area. When a truck driver fails to prevent an accident from happening, crash victims should consult with Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney At Law to determine if they can make an injury claim to obtain payment for crash losses.

Tips to Prevent 18-Wheeler Accidents

Truck drivers should follow all rules set by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) in order to try to prevent 18-wheeler accidents. These rules limit on duty times, establish mandatory rest breaks and establish logging requirements to ensure drivers obey limits on drive time and work time. The goal of the FMCSR for  limiting on duty time is to prevent drowsy driving crashes.  Prevention of truck crashes also means drivers need to stay sober. There are lower blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits for truckers than for other drivers.  A trucker cannot drive with a BAC of .04 or higher without being in violation of the rules.  FMCSR also address truck maintenance, loading requirements, and a host of other issues. By keeping the truck well-maintained, keeping a safe following distance, and making sure truck loads are balanced, the risk of 18-wheeler accidents can be reduced significantly.

If you're driving a vehicle and you see an 18-wheeler ahead, don't panic! Just remember to keep a safe distance and stay away from the truck's “no-zones.” “No-Zones” are areas of limited to no visibility. 18-wheelers have many “no-zones” since they are much larger than regular vehicles. 18-wheeler “no-zones” are on both the driver and passenger sides as well as directly behind the truck's trailer. Make sure to avoid these areas at all costs. If you cannot, change lanes or change your velocity in order to maximize your and the truck driver's safety.

Taking Action After 18-Wheeler Accidents

If 18-wheeler accidents occur, victims need to determine if the truck driver followed or violated FMCSR.  If the driver violated any rules of the road, the truck crash victim can get compensation for losses and damages resulting from the crash. Contact Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law for assistance in pursuing a case for monetary payment for loss.

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