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Odessa TX Oil Field Accident Attorneys

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Working in an oil field is one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs on the planet. Not only do oil field workers work with countless items of dangerous equipment, they are often forced to work long shifts as well. If that wasn't enough, in the quest for profits oil field companies commonly cut corners and commit safety violations. Such companies also often work with outdated equipment or items that are not in as decent a state of repair as they ought to be.

Sadly, oil field accidents are far more common than they ought to be, and for anyone injured in an oil field incident, the services of Odessa Texas oil field attorneys will be required, which is where the services of the Lettunich Law Firm come into play.

Get the Support You Need from Odessa Texas Oil Field Accident Lawyers, Lettunich Law Firm

It is an unfortunate statistic, but if you work in a role within an oil field, you are seven times more likely to be involved in an accident than is common in other employment fields. It is also another unfortunate statistic that despite modern advances in technology and safety procedures, oil field accidents are on the rise. Indeed, according to the bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been an over 25% increase in oil field accidents in the last ten years. This is why obtaining the services of Odessa Texas oil field injury attorneys such as Lettunich Law Firm is so important.

Texas is not only a hot spot of oil fields in the United States, it is also an unfortunate hot spot of oil field accidents and fatalities. If there is an oil field accident or fatality anywhere in the United States, then there is a 40% chance that the accident occurred in Texas.

Help from Odessa Texas Oil Field Injury Lawyers like Lettunich Law Firm is Invaluable

Any oil field is one that is stacked with hazards, and not just because several different companies will be working in the area, performing a large number of different tasks. In an oil field there are a great number of hazardous environments and hazardous substances. People working in an oil field will face the risk of being exposed to many dangerous chemicals including radioactive substances. Oil fields are also noisy environments, leading to potential ailments such as hearing loss and vertigo.

If you have suffered an accident or chemical-based injury as part of your work in an oil field, or you feel your hearing has been affected because proper safety procedures have not been followed, then you may be entitled to financial compensation. We advise that you contact an Odessa Texas oil field accident law firm like Lettunich Law Firm in order to investigate whether you have a right to financial compensation, and to pursue the matter if you do.

There are Countless Other Potential Hazards for Odessa Texas Oil Field Workers

There are plenty of other hazards contained within an oil field for which you may one day require the services of an Odessa Texas oil field accident law firm. 40% of deaths within an oil field actually have nothing to do with oil itself – they are as the result of transportation accidents such as a vehicle collision. The other most common type of oil field accident has nothing to do with oil directly either – workers are often struck by, caught between or caught in items of moving equipment, or hit by heavy equipment items that have fallen. The other most common types of incident within an oil field involve fires, explosions of combustible materials and falls.

If you are seeking help in pursuing a claim because of an incident as a result of your employment within an Odessa Texas oil field, and you are seeking the help of Odessa Texas oil field accident attorneys then please get in contact with the law specialists at Lettunich Law Firm. If you are looking for the best legal representation possible, then this is what you need to do, and the sooner, the better. Get in contact with Lettunich Law Firm at 915-545-2529, or use our online contact form here. Do not forget that your first consultation will always be free.

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