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El Paso Probation Violation Attorney

Probation is the set of rules that must be obeyed after committing a crime. Each state has its own set of specific regulations regarding violations.

Violating probation has serious consequences in Texas. In fact, any number of things can be considered a violation. The most common reason individuals find themselves facing probation violation charges is failing to report, failing to fully complete community service, drug, alcohol, parenting or any other court-ordered program and/or counseling.

You certainly do not want to be in trouble for violations, which can be expected when probation rules or conditions are not followed. Seeking the legal counsel of an El Paso probation violation attorney is a good option. We present clients in El Paso with a wide range of probation issues. We have successfully helped many El Pasoans avoid penalties, extensions, and revocation.

Seek Legal Assistance From a Probation Violation Attorney

We Will Help you Contest a Probation Violation

If you are being accused of violating your probation, your probation officer will often serve you with a warning. Violating probation can include a number of things like not reporting to a probation officer, not completing certain court-ordered programs, not paying a fine, failing a drug test, or not going to community service.

Don't Go to Court Without Representation

Violations Can End in Jail Time Without a Probation Violation Attorney

If you are ordered to appear before a judge, it is wise to immediately seek the legal help of an experienced and qualified probation violation attorney in El Paso. Aside from getting you the results you are hoping for, they will also help you understand every step of the process. Wading through the paperwork, court dates, and legal jargon can be tough enough without help.

Probation Modifications and Changes

Our El Paso criminal defense attorney can also help you get off probation early or help you change the terms of your probation. The Texas Penal Code rewards probationers who have complied with their terms and conditions of probation. You might be eligible for early termination or discharge and dismissal. There are also options for moving due to employment situations. Give us a call to see if you qualify! We have helped many El Paso clients get the representation they deserve and we can help you as well.

Lettunich Law Firm Will Help

Dealing with probation violation or modifications can be a difficult process. The experts at Lettunich Law firm can help you understand the process. We will help you every step of the way. If you have violated your probation or want to seek modifications, contact the Lettunich Law Firm today at 915-545-2529. We are located at 609 N. Laurel St. El Paso, TX 79903.

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