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Drug Cases

Drug Defense Attorney in El Paso

We Protect Your Freedom When You are Dealing With Criminal Charges

If you have been accused of drug crimes, you will need to speak with an experienced drug defense attorney about your options. The war on drugs has resulted in mass incarceration and sometimes defendants face overly harsh penalties when charged with drug-related crimes. An experienced criminal defense attorney will assist those accused of crimes in understanding options and developing a legal strategy. Brandon L. Lettunich has the experience you need when facing these charges.

Drug Charges Can Result in Harsh Consequences

The court may sometimes charge defendants with a federal offense. Many times, the court will prosecute people for simple possession or related crime charges on the state level. Consequences for a conviction on drug crimes charges vary depending upon the type of controlled substance, with substances classified into different schedules based on medicinal value and addictive properties. The weight or amount of the drug also makes a profound impact on decisions. The police can choose to charge individuals with an intent to sell even if they don't distribute drugs simply based on the amount of drugs alone.

Juvenile Criminal Charges

The situation can be especially tough if a juvenile in your family has been arrested for drug charges. Each state has its own system and specific laws for dealing with juvenile criminal charges. Most often, a prosecutor or probation officer will decide to proceed formally or informally. In the case of an informal proceeding, the minor will have to appear before a judge. They will possibly issue a warning, a fine, community service charges, after school classes, and/or counseling. If the prosecutor feels the need to proceed formally, the juvenile will be arraigned and formally receive juvenile criminal charges. In extreme cases, the system may choose to send the minor to adult criminal court.

There are many possible outcomes. A juvenile criminal attorney like Brandon L. Lettunich can help you and your family get through such a hard and trying situation. You may not have the expertise and knowledge to get through such a complicated trial. For that reason, you shouldn't handle it on your own.

Exploring Your Options for Drug Defense

Defendants are often pressured to accept plea deals in drug crimes cases, especially when faced with federal charges. The threat of mandatory minimum sentences based on the weight of drugs is a powerful incentive to accept a plea agreement. Defendants, however, should not simply accept that an arrest for a drug offense will lead to conviction and a criminal record. An attorney with experience in drug defense in El Paso can fight to get charges dropped or can provide assistance in developing a legal defense strategy. Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law can also help defendants to understand when it makes sense to accept a plea and can work to negotiate the most favorable deal possible with prosecutors.

Taking a Plea Vs. Hiring a Drug Crimes Attorney in El Paso

There are so many benefits to hiring a drug defense attorney or a juvenile criminal attorney. This is most likely a better option than taking a plea. First and foremost, you will receive protection from unfair questioning and heavy penalties. If you are innocent and police have falsely accused you, you still face the possibility of paying penalties and court fees. With a drug defense attorney by your side, you will receive immediate representation and assistance. Criminal charges also come with charges related to prison and bail, and many other costs. With an experienced drug defense attorney, he will preempt these charges. He will also possibly help you protect your job and missing work days.

To learn more about your options for drug defense and to speak with an El Paso drug crimes attorney with experience, contact us today.

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