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A Disability Attorney To Help File Your Claim

close up of a man in a wheelchair's hand on the wheel Hiring a disability attorney is a great way to make a social security claim much easier. Trying to file a claim on your own can lead to a real headache in so many ways. Many people experience delays or denial of their claim because they simply didn’t know how to fill out the paperwork. Other times, specific information may have been unintentionally omitted. A language barrier can make the process that much harder as well. When you turn to a lawyer they will help you with each step of the process and ensure that the claim is handled properly.

How Can a Disability Attorney Help

The first thing a disability attorney will do is view the claimant’s file in order to see the status or reason for previous denial. They will take a look at what materials were gathered and what may have been left out. The attorney will also take a look at what the disability examiner requested. This can include medical records or a work history. After gathering the file and carefully analyzing the materials, they will take steps to improve upon the information. This may include gathering more medical records or correcting the work history. The lawyer will also take the time to determine if the evidence was properly evaluated.

The Attorney Will Maintain Up-to-Date Records

When a person chooses not hire a disability attorney they don’t realize the injustice they do to themselves. The social security administration will seek out the claimant’s medical records. However, when they are done gathering info and while the case is being processed several months can pass. The SSA does not gather further records for a disability hearing. This means that there will be no up-to-date medical records in the file. An attorney on the other hand, will not let a file be turned in for a hearing without the most recent information. This is especially important when recency is taken into account for disability claims. A case can be denied even for not having medical records for the last 90 days.

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If you have been denied for your social security claim Lettunich Law Firm can provide the assistance you need. With a disability attorney guiding you through the process and gathering your medical records you can be sure to get the strong representation you need during a hearing. Contact us today for more info or to set up a consultation.

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