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Call a Criminal Defense Attorney After a Holiday DUI Arrest

Posted by Martin Rocha | Nov 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

A criminal defense attorney can provide you with representation after your arrest for impaired driving. During the holiday season, police tend to crack down on impaired drivers. There are more patrols on the road around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. This means your chances of arrest can rise significantly during this time period. If you are caught up on a holiday DUI crackdown in or around El Paso, a criminal defense attorney at Lettunich Law Firm can help you to defend your license, freedom, and reputation.

Holiday DUI Crackdowns and Drunk Driving Arrests

Police tend to increase enforcement on the holiday times when they know most people are likely to be out drinking. While there may be more police on the roads eager to catch impaired drivers, law enforcement officers must be very careful. Police must comply with Constitutional protections against unlawful traffic stops and with prohibitions against unlawful searches and seizures. If a police officer stops you with no reasonable grounds or asked to submit to a BAC test without probable cause, the evidence obtained by the police against you may not necessarily be admissible against you.  Lettunich Law Firm can provide you with assistance in motioning to suppress the evidence so it cannot help a prosecutor get a guilty verdict.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Helps

Trying to convince the court not to allow the prosecutor to use evidence is just one of many things that a criminal defense attorney can do if you are arrested for impaired driving in or around El Paso. There are defenses to DUI, such as a defense called the rising BAC defense. There is also the possibility that you can raise doubts about the accurateness of chemical testing performed on you. Remember, reasonable doubt is all you need to get an acquittal.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney Today

You don't want to handle DUI charges alone. The loss of your license and jail time are a real possibility. After an arrest during the holidays, or at any other time, you can contact Lettunich Law Firm. We help people in and around El Paso with impaired driving charges. Don't let a DUI affect your life negatively. With our help, you can have the legal assistance you require to positively defend yourself against your chargers. So, contact Lettunich Law Firm today to talk to a criminal defense attorney you can count on to fight for you.

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