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How a Criminal Defense Attorney Helps You Appeal

Posted by Martin Rocha | Oct 04, 2016 | 0 Comments

A criminal defense attorney helps clients to appeal convictions. If you're convicted of a crime, you don't have to accept the verdict against you. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen during a criminal trial.  If you believe that there were errors and that your conviction was unjust, you should get help. Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law can provide you with representation as you fight to appeal your criminal conviction and restore your good name.

What Does an Appeal Mean in a Criminal Case?

When you appeal a criminal case, you ask a higher court to review the decisions of a lower court judge. Most crimes are state crimes, so you appeal to state court. However, there are some situations where appeals go all the way through the state court system and end up in the U.S. Supreme Court. The justice system doesn't guarantee you multiple stages of appeal though, as the Supreme Court has wide discretion regarding what kinds of cases it takes. Furthermore, if you appeal your case to a higher court, you must make an argument that a lower court made a legal error. A criminal defense attorney can help craft this argument.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

A criminal defense attorney helps you appeal by assisting you in arguing legal grounds for the appeal. The higher court does not substitute its own opinion on the underlying facts of the case or on what the jury thought was true. The appeals court looks at technical problems; for instance if the lower court judge allowed evidence to be admitted when it should not have been. Appeals require technical legal arguments, and so a lawyer who knows how to craft these arguments should handle them.

Getting Help from a Criminal Defense Attorney

Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law can provide help with appeals. To find out more about how a criminal defense attorney can assist you, contact us now. Our legal team will fight for your freedom.

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