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A Criminal Defense Attorney Helps in Arraignment

Posted by Martin Rocha | Aug 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

When you have been accused of a criminal act, you should insist on calling a criminal defense attorney right away. After you've been accused of doing something wrong, you are going to be arraigned. You want to have an attorney before your arraignment and initial hearing before the court. Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law is available and ready to help you after your arrest in El Paso.

What is Arraignment?

Following your arrest, you have to be taken to court and arraigned. This is an initial hearing that takes place before a judge. During arraignment, you are formally informed of the charges against you. The arraignment, which is also called an initial appearance, typically also includes a bail hearing to determine if you need to post bond or should be released on your own recognizance.  You will be asked to enter a plea, and may need to argue for an appropriate amount of bail.

Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You should have a criminal defense attorney before your arraignment because your arraignment is your first official appearance in El Paso court or in the court where you will face your charges. You have to make important decisions before arraignment, like whether you hope to enter a not guilty plea and try for an acquittal or whether you want to try to plead guilty. Making these choices should be done in consultation with a lawyer who knows the law and who can help you to assess the evidence against you and possible defenses.  

Getting Help from a Criminal Defense Attorney

Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law provides help during arraignment and beyond. Our legal defense team can help you to decide on the right strategy for responding to charges. We can also provide assistance in either plea negotiation or in defense during trial to try to secure an acquittal. Give us a call today if you live in or around El Paso and you need a criminal defense attorney to help you. Contact Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law today.

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