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What to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted by Martin Rocha | Dec 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

If you have recently been charged with a crime, you may want to consider hiring a criminal defense attorney. Lettunich Law Firm has certified lawyers ready to help you get justice.  These kinds of lawyers are there to defend you from any charge or charges against you. They are needed for court, but it can be hard to tell who to hire. A few tips to follow with be to look for the ethical lawyer rather than the expensive and to trust your gut when hiring.

Go With the Ethical

While not every lawyer is crooked, there are a few. When it comes to a criminal defense attorney, there are usually some that are in it for the money, which means you matter little to them. Such lawyers may use every trick to get you off, but it also runs the risk of your case being reopened in the future. There is always the chance of them being investigated at some point. If that happens, any case they worked will be revisited and some may even be retried.

This can leave you in a very awkward position later on. If you they mention being friends with the judge or prosecutor, watch out. This can indicate that they will use their influence to make these people do something they may not otherwise do. This can be very dangerous for you, as this may not always benefit you. It could result in a shortened term, where you may have been cleared of charges.

Do Not Go With Expensive

While some lawyers who charge more are good, perhaps better than others, it is not worth getting into debt for. Stay within your budget, and within reason. Even if the lawsuit goes your way and you get all you desire and deserve, your lawyer may end up taking most or even all of it. This is because their fees may be beyond your means. How bittersweet it would be to win at court but lose at the bank? In addition, more money does not mean more qualified. It can simply mean that the lawyer is good at collecting his fee. Just because the attorney has a Mercedes does not mean they are going to be better at their job. Remember that even the most expensive criminal defense attorney can still lose in court.

Trust Your Gut

If you are getting bad vibes from the person offering to represent you, do not hire them. This can be anything from their demeanor, to their clothes. Most importantly, if they make you uncomfortable, then stay away. Remember that you will have to deal with this person for a few months at least. Yu want to make sure that you can trust them without question. A lawyer client relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. If either of these elements is missing, then it is not worth it.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring a criminal defense attorney to defend you can be difficult. But if you follow a few simple tips, then it can be quite easy. Lettunich Law Firm has certified lawyers ready to help you through trial. If you watch out for unethical lawyers and trust your gut, you can get a good lawyer at a good cost.

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