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What to Consider When Hiring an Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Posted by Martin Rocha | Dec 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

Having an accident is difficult. It can be even worse when you are riding a motorcycle. Besides the damage you and your vehicle sustain, there is bills and pain to get through. On top of that, you must decide on a lawyer to help you through legal matters. Lettunich Law Firm can provide you with a motorcycle accident lawyer trained to help you get the aftermath of your accident. Getting a lawyer is must, but what kind do you choose and how do you choose them? Ultimately the choice is yours, but there a few things you can check before deciding. Before hiring a lawyer, make sure to know their rates, if they are reputable and whether you need to even file in court.

Know the Rates

Before making a decision about who will represent you, know what their rates are. This is information that should be made available to you. It should not be something you need to jump through hoops to find out. If the motorcycle accident lawyer. is not upfront with you about their rates, this is a warning sign. It can mean that they are waiting to see how much your case might make before charging you. Or that they plan to charge you a lot and do not want to frighten you. Either way it means bad news for you.

Make Sure the Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is Reputable

One way to check your lawyer's reputation is doing a little digging. Legit lawyers will have professional references. This means there will be plenty of people recommending them and commending them for their good work. If there is a number of people who are complaining or suing them, then stay away. If you cannot find them when conducting searches, it may mean they changed their name. If they did that, then chances are they did not do for good reasons.

Deciding to File

Before making any decisions about a motorcycle accident lawyer, it is important to know if you should even file a lawsuit. Lawsuits are only necessary if you are being denied recompense or not being offered enough to cover your injuries. This can happen when your claim has been rejected or if the person who cause damage does not have insurance. If this does not apply to you, then all you need to do is file a claim. This is much faster and easier than a lawsuit, not to mention cheaper. In addition, many cases settle outside of court. This is also preferable as it allows you to avoid court costs. It is usually quicker as well. Unless the amount offered to settle will not satisfy your needs, there is no real reason to go to court.  

Having an accident is stressful and full of problems. Hiring your lawyer should not be one of them. If you know a few things about the attorney beforehand, it can make your decision easier. Lettunich Law Firm has a qualified accident lawyer to help you.

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