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Characteristics of a Good Drug Defense Attorney

Posted by Martin Rocha | Nov 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

More and more states are legalizing marijuana on various levels, it seems as if more people need a good drug defense attorney. Do not go to court alone. Find a lawyer who will work to reduce or even eliminate the charges altogether. Not all lawyers are created equal and it is important to find the best one for you.

Characteristics of a good drug defense attorney

Hiring a lawyer can be expensive, but if you find the right attorney you will benefit from the investment. If you are able to go beyond the public defender's office it is a good idea to hire someone qualified. There are some attributes you should look for to ensure that you are represented in court by the right person.

First and foremost, you need to look beyond those glitzy commercials that seem to come on TV every few minutes. Advertisements by nature tend to stretch the truth regardless of what they are selling. Therefore, even if you get a name from an ad, it's best to research them completely before you hire them. That means that you should not only get referrals. You should also look up their Internet presence. Be sure to research what they have done and how they are regarded in the community.

Be sure that whomever you are researching out to represent you practices that specific type of law. A corporate lawyer will be of no help in a drug case and a drug defense attorney is not good when you are filing bankruptcy.

Questions You Should Ask Possible Attorneys

Once you are comfortable with a few different firms, come up with some questions and set up a consultation. This includes not only the cost for a good drug defense attorney, but also how quickly he or she can get started. Be syre to ask what type of strategy he or she tends to use, and what your options are when it comes to plea bargaining. You also need to meet the other members of your legal team so you know who to call when you have questions and how involved the lead attorney will be on your case.

When hiring a drug defense attorney you need to be comfortable with not only how they will represent you and handle your case, you also need to be prepared to be completely honest with him or her. All members of the bar, including Brandon Lettunich Attorney at Law in El Paso, Texas are bound by confidentiality, so there is no need to worry.

In regards to his or her fee, be sure to dig deeper if the cost is extremely high or shockingly low. You can also ask if there is a payment plan available. A passionate attorney will be more willing to work with you when it comes to reimbursement. As he or she is in it because they like what they do and the money is secondary.

You Can Trust Lettunich Law Firm

If you find yourself in trouble and in need of a drug defense attorney, first gather your support system. Then find a good lawyer. Lettunich Law Firm is dedicated to honest, good representation of all clients. Please call Brandon L. Lettunich Attorney at Law today for more information.

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