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Car Accidents

Car Accident Attorneys in El Paso

Car accidents are far too common on El Paso roads. Dangerous drivers, defective vehicles, or poor conditions on the roadways often cause accidents. In 2013 alone, over 13,800 car crashes took place on El Paso roads. Even worse, in 2014, car accidents in El Paso caused 49 fatalities.

A single crash can forever change your life and the lives of your family. The frightening part is, you can do your part to remain safe and aware on the road and still be affected by someone else's actions. If your crash was caused by someone else or from a careless motorist to a car manufacturer, you may have the right to compensation. An El Paso car accident lawyer can help. Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law has the experience you need when fighting for car accident compensation.

When Can Victims Make Car Accident Claims?

Victims who are injured in car accidents can pursue a case to receive compensation if they can demonstrate by a preponderance of evidence that their crash was caused by carelessness or by a failure to fulfill some legal duty or obligation. The preponderance of evidence simply means they must provide evidence that is more convincing and accurate than the other driver or company at hand. It doesn't necessarily mean they have more evidence. Showing another driver was speeding or that he or she violated any rules of the road can create the presumption that the other motorist was negligent. In the case of a defective vehicle causing an accident, negligence doesn't need to be proven since manufacturers have a duty to sell only safe products. It's enough to show the car was defective and the vehicle problem was the cause.

A car accident lawyer can help victims to determine if they have a claim and can provide representation to those injured or those whose loved ones died in a car crash. You can receive compensation for the loss or damage to property, medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. Brandon L. Lettunich has experience negotiating even during the hardest of cases.

Don't Go to Court Without a Car Accident Lawyer

The last thing you want to do is try to handle your compensation without a car accident attorney. If you have been injured and are recovering, going through the process of checking police reports, collecting medical records, proving a case, and organizing files may be extremely difficult. If you are like most motorists in El Paso, your knowledge of the law is probably not extensive. You may not have the ability or know how to negotiate your settlement or compensation.

Beyond that, insurance companies often try to settle at the lowest costs or deny a claim. With car accident lawyer Brandon L. Lettunich on your side, all of these tasks and unfair insurance companies will be taken care of. He has the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the representation you need to win your case. You don't have much to lose because we offer a free consultation and we operate on contingency fee basis, which means that we get paid if we win your case and you receive a settlement.

How Can You Get Compensation for Car Accidents?

Compensation for car accidents should be available through either a negotiated out-of-court settlement or through a successful personal injury civil lawsuit in court. It is up to you to negotiate a fair settlement with an insurer or to prove to a jury that you are entitled to monetary damages because the defendant caused the crash. Let Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law, help you make your case. Contact us today to speak with an El Paso auto injury attorney experienced in car accidents who you can trust.

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