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Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in El Paso

When you are dealing with criminal charges on your record the last thing you want is a court appointed lawyer. Instead, finding the right criminal defense attorney can get you better results. When you want a favorable outcome and strong representation, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. You can be sure that our […]

You Can Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

All too often drivers have a disregard for motorcyclists. Motorcycle riders tend to get a bad rap. This reputation comes from unsafe riders weaving in and out of traffic. It can also stem from bike gangs with their rough appearance. However, the truth of the matter is that drivers have a big responsibility on the […]

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Getting into a car accident is bad enough. The situation is even worse when a negligent driver caused your troubles. To make matter worse, car insurance companies rarely leave you with a favorable outcome. Instead of dealing with a claim on your own a car accident lawyer can help. You definitely need to seek help […]

A Disability Attorney To Help File Your Claim

Hiring a disability attorney is a great way to make a social security claim much easier. Trying to file a claim on your own can lead to a real headache in so many ways. Many people experience delays or denial of their claim because they simply didn’t know how to fill out the paperwork. Other […]

A Personal Injury Attorney for Workplace Accidents

The last thing you need is to miss out on days of work because you have been injured. This is even more disheartening when the accident happened at your workplace. If you are missing work and the medical bills are stacking up you need to seek help quickly. Unfortunately, workplace accidents are a growing problem. […]

Motorcycle Safety Tips for 2018

When it comes to motorcycle safety it is the responsibility of all motorist, not just motorcyclists. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the risk for fatal crashes is 35 times higher for motorcyclists than passenger vehicles. The Hunt Report revealed that 75 percent of motorcycle accidents involved another a passenger vehicle. The […]

Texting, Driving, and Your Teen: A Car Accident Attorney Weighs In

It’s no surprise that technology has had a significant impact on the way we drive. From GPS and stereo systems compatible with our phones and Spotify to being able to talk to people through your car’s speaker instead of your phone, we’ve come a long way since the time when phones were installed directly into […]

18 Wheeler Accidents in El Paso: How to Stay Safe

18 wheelers are a necessity in society. They bring goods to the people, from companies overseas or across the country. That’s the reason why these giant trucks tend to populate the freeways of America. El Paso sees its fair share of trucks because our city is a hub of trade and transportation. Since there are […]

Drug Defense in Texas: How it Differs

Drug cases are changing all over the country. From the legalization of marijuana in multiple states to the opioid  epidemic experienced around the country, trends, media, and epidemics are shaping the way drug defense cases are handled in the United States. At the Lettunich Law Firm, our experienced drug defense attorney can help you make […]

Disability Rights at Schools and Universities: An Uphill Battle

Disability rights and accommodations at schools and universities has been one of the longest uphill battles in higher education. While we now commonly see wheelchair accommodations, textbooks printed in braille, and sign language interpreters available for lectures and presentations, it hasn’t always been this way and it still isn’t this way for many universities in […]