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Traffic Tickets

El Paso Traffic Ticket Dismissal Attorney

When you get traffic tickets in El Paso, it usually means you'll have to pay fines. However, traffic tickets can have more serious consequences than just money coming out of your pocket.

When you are ticketed for traffic offenses, oftentimes you might get points on your license. Too many points can result in the temporary suspension of your license. As dictated by the Driver Responsibility Program's point system, points on your license and a record of traffic tickets can also result in increased insurance rates.

Nonpayment of traffic tickets in El Paso can have further adverse impact on your life. If you don't pay your tickets or show up in court when required, a bench warrant could be issued for your arrest. You don't want to let this happen – you need to respond to your tickets.

Some traffic tickets in El Paso are more serious than others and carry larger fines and more points. Passing a stopped school bus, for example, is one of the most serious traffic offenses for which you will receive traffic tickets.

Regardless of what specific offense you are cited for, you need to understand your rights when you receive traffic tickets in El Paso. If you decide that you will just pay the fine after receiving a traffic ticket, this is essentially admission of guilt. In such case, you lose the right to raise questions about whether you committed the traffic offense and face all of the consequences of the ticket.

The good news is that you don't have to just pay. You can hire an attorney to help fight your traffic tickets in El Paso. An experienced attorney at the Lettunich Law Firm can represent you in court and contest those traffic tickets for you. Contact the Lettunich Law Firm today at (915) 545-2529.

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