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Hiring an Attorney in El Paso During COVID-19 | Lettunich Law Firm Blog

Posted by SL Ecommerce | May 11, 2020 | 0 Comments

There is no doubt that the spread of the Corona Virus has impacted the daily lives of people around the world.  There have been significant changes and adjustments that have become mandatory in people's daily routines in an effort to slow down the spread of this virus.  And as health experts work relentlessly to invent a permanent solution through some form of miracle vaccine in order to fully combat and overcome this pandemic, the lateral effects of this virus are endless.  This includes schools having to shut down and recur to other methods such as e-mail or video conferencing, millions of Americans having to work from home or even in many cases being laid off.  This economy has been heavily impacted by this virus unfortunately transitioned all these changes in labor to the closure of many businesses and heavy reductions in work force.  So, what about the law?  What type of impact has COVID-19 made on the peace and order in our daily lives? How are citizens reacting to the “Stay At Home” orders executed by local governments?  The answer is not well.  

While in general some of the crime in many larger cities has actually gone down, the truth is that in other areas there has been a spike.  Areas such as family violence and other related crimes have experienced an unforeseen increase in cases.  Sadly, it seems as if the increase in time at home driven by the many changes this pandemic has brought has had a negative impact on some people, eventually leading to the disruption of peace at home.  In a historical time like this, where emotional unity should be the driving force for citizens to get through this, the frustrations of everyday quarantine life have gotten the best of people.  Truth is, whether we like it or not, crime will actually continue regardless of any world-wide challenge human kind faces in any given time. 

 If you find yourself in need for a criminal defense attorney in El Paso, or even perhaps an accident attorney during this Corona Virus pandemic, know that the Lettunich Law Firm is here to help.  Nobody knows exactly how long this challenge will take to overcome, but the reality is sooner or later, courts will resume. And when they do, whether or not the court's methods of communication change, still remains to be seen.  In the end, regardless of what happens, you will still need an attorney, and Brandon L. Lettunich is one of the best attorneys in El Paso who help you get through whatever challenge arises in your life as a result of everything that this virus brought upon us.  Call Us Today or submit your question online.   

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