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5 Common Causes For Car Accidents

Posted by Martin Rocha | Oct 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

Car accidents are often unavoidable and happen for a number of reasons.  One of the most common causes for car accidents in recent years is texting and/or the use of your cellphone while driving.   Nowadays people are extremely absorbed by technology, so much so that they often use it during driving.   Texting and/or using your cellphone while driving leads you to neglect the road, which in turn leads to accidents of all kinds.  About 25 percent of car accidents are linked to texting and using your cellphone while driving, which makes it hard for car accident lawyers to structure a justifiable defense.

Going Faster Does Not Guarantee You'll Get There Faster

When talking about car accidents the ultimate cause that has been to blame for many years is speeding.  People often go through life in a hurry, always running out of time and trying to make up for it.  This need to save time leads people to speed while driving.   Whether they are speeding in the highway/freeway or speeding through a red light, speeding can often lead to a terrible situation.  Speeding can cause you to loose control of the car and gives you close to no time to assess the road and the traffic in order to make sound driving decisions.  In most cases, when you are speeding and crash, the blame is most likely to fall on you.

Pay Attention To The Road, Avoid Accidents

In line with the previous two causes for car accidents, another very common cause is distracted driving.  People often have many things to worry about at same time, which makes driving dangerous.  For example, having small children in the back seats either crying, or shouting can become distractions from the road and can lead you to miss stop signs, pass red light or ran into sidewalks.  Also, if you are driving and looking for a specific place can cause distractions as well. Having a passenger present will really help if possible in these cases. Eating and putting on makeup are examples of distractions that can simply be avoided.   

Drowsy Driving Or Drunk Driving

There is a lot of discussion on which is worst, drowsy driving or drunk driving.  While the latter has more consequences, both situations can result in very bad consequences.  Drowsy driving and drunk driving both involve you maneuvering vehicles without full cognition.   Car accidents lawyers will tell you that drunk driving is much worse. This is because there is a harsher punishment for people who drive under the influence.  However, if you are driving while sleep deprived the resulting crash might cause the same result.  In both instances it is highly advisable to call for someone to pick you up, rather than driving without full sensory capacity.

Practice Careful Driving While Dangerous Weather Conditions

Here in El Paso we do not suffer from extreme weather conditions, however you should never take the climate for granted.    The weather is a very common and dangerous cause of car accidents.  It is highly advisable that if you don't feel comfortable driving through strong weather conditions such as rain or icy streets you should pull over and stop until the conditions get better.

Car Accident Lawyers Can Help 

  However, if you suffer a car accident due to weather or any other causes, you should contact Brandon L. Lettunich Attorney At Law.   When it comes to car accident lawyers in El Paso, it doesn't get better than the practice of Brandon L. Lettunich Attorney At Law.  

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