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3 Reason to Hire a Person Injury Attorney

Posted by Martin Rocha | Mar 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

If you have suffered through an accident or have injuries caused by another person or company, you probably are dealing with a great deal of hardship. Aside from trying to recovery you might have exorbitant medical bills, you may have lost income from not being able to work, and you are probably dealing with an insurance company. Often times, they will offer you a settlement amount. It may look like a reasonable amount, but it probably doesn't even cover the amount you need to buy a new car. Personal injury attorney Brandon L. Lettunich can help you get the justice and compensation you truly deserve.

Insurance Companies Offer Small Settlements

If you enter into a settlement without a lawyer, you are sure to get the smallest claim possible. You will more than likely end up paying out of pocket for a new vehicle or medical expenses. This can be especially frustrating if the accident wasn't even your fault. What's worse is trying to pay off expenses when you have lost time at work due to your injuries. One accident can turn your life upside down and the insurance claim might only be fuel on the fire of unfortunate events.

A Personal Injury Attorney Has the Expertise You Need

Chances are you don't really know too much about the laws. You also may not even know where to begin to dispute an unfair settlement. It will take plenty of research and long hours of phone calls, running around collecting paperwork and trying to navigate through laws and regulations. However, Brandon L. Lettunich has been serving El Paso community with personal injury cases for several years and has the experience to get a favorable outcome, whether through settlement or a court case. He will do everything necessary to gather all the police reports, medical records, and evidence to build you a strong case.

Brandon L. Lettunich Will Fight for Fair Compensation

Our personal injury attorney Brandon L. Lettunich knows what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve. He will not only build a strong case, but he will get you the strong representation you need. He has the experience negotiating with unfair insurance companies.

The last thing you want while you are trying to recover from an accident is to be swindled or taken advantage of. There's no need to enter into a settlement from an insurance company without a lawyer. Brandon L. Lettunich can make sure you get your losses covered and get back onto your feet again. Please contact us today for more information.  

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