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A Personal Injury Attorney and Strong Criminal Defense Attorney in El Paso

Whether you are the victim of an accident, in need of a strong criminal defense or are dealing with probate, Brandon L. Lettunich Attorney at Law is here to provide the representation you need!  We are an El Paso based law firm with many years of experience that you can trust.  Whether your need is at the local, state, or federal level, Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law will be your first and best choice!

We Will Fight for Fair Compensation

If you or a loved one has been a victim of an accident and suffered injuries or death, our personal injury attorney can help. He will give you the representation in court or during a settlement. The last thing you want to do is enter into a settlement without a strong personal injury attorney by your side. Insurance companies often try to pay unfair amounts during settlements. In order to get the compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, Brandon L. Lettunich can help. Instead of giving in to the unfairness, let Lettunich represent you and your family. Our team will gather the proper documents and build a strong case to get you the justice you deserve.

A Car Accident Lawyer That You Can Trust

If you have been driving on the El Paso roads for any amount of time, you probably realize how easy it is to get into an accident. If you or a loved one has experienced an accident and are seeing unfair treatment from the insurance company, our law firm can help. As your car accident lawyer, we will collect the necessary paperwork and help you with your settlement or court case. You don't have to accept the insurance company's terms. More often than not, the insurance company will attempt to pay as little as possible. Brandon L. Lettunich will provide the representation you need and help you to understand the laws concerning your case.

El Paso Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, your life was more than likely turned upside down. Everything including your job, family, and assets can be at stake. According to the law, everyone is entitled to an attorney when they are being faced with criminal charges, whether misdemeanors or felonies. Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law can provide you with a strong criminal defense. His extensive experience in this area will give you a clear understanding of the law and what your options and rights are. Call us today!

Information About Criminal Charges

Misdemeanor charges can include theft, disturbing the peace, assault, or public intoxication. Some of the consequences involved can be jail time or heavy fines. Felony charges are even more serious. Assault and theft can become felony charges if a person was injured or a weapon was used in the act. Leaving the scene of an accident will also bring about felony charges. The consequences of a felony conviction can land you in prison and will remain on your record for the rest of your life, possibly preventing you from finding employment in the future. It can be difficult for the average person to navigate through a legal situation involving criminal charges, especially since many people don't fully understand the ins and outs of the criminal law system. You don't have go to trial alone or with an inexperienced

This is why having an experienced criminal defense attorney like Brandon L. Lettunich is extremely helpful. If you've been arrested for a DWI, Brandon L. Lettunich can help. In a court of law, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and your criminal defense attorney will work hard to get the best outcome possible for you.

Probate Assistance

If you find yourself dealing with a probate case in El Paso, TX that you feel you need some direction, then let us help you with this delicate situation.  Unfortunately, many people do not place accordingly for what would happen with their property in the event of death. That's why Letttunich Law Firm is here to help you assess, organize and fight for you in the event there is any property dispute.  Let us listen to your case free of charge and provide you with the best recommendation and most favorable situation for you.

Oil Field Accident Attorney

Working in the oil fields in the Odessa and Midland, Texas area is a tough job that pays very well, but unfortunately has many risks.  Many people in the El Paso, TX area work in Oil Fields and suffer accidents very frequently and unfortunately do not always search for legal representation.  For this reason, the Letttunich Law Firm is your primary choice in Oil Field accidents and will always fight hard to get you or anyone you may now who has suffered an injury, obtain the best compensation possible.  It's hard work that deserves to be compensated appropriately when accidents happen.

Will and Testament Service

Preparing for death is something most people do not think about.  it is an unfortunate event in life that is inevitable and will come to everyone at some point.  The best thing to do is to plan ahead and prevent any headaches for the loved ones that are left behind.  The Lettunich Law Firm offers Will Services in El Paso,TX and New Mexico, making the toughest time, a little bit less tough once life comes to an end and assets are to be determined their next ownership.  Let us guide you and help you on this important path.

Local Legal Advice You Can Trust

Brandon L. Lettunich is an El Paso attorney, licensed and experienced in many areas such as personal injury for all types of accidents, criminal defense, probate and more.

With over 20 years experience in legal defense, let Brandon Lettunich represent you.

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